Movement – Organise your iPhone apps with ease!

Some of you might be eagerly awaiting an iTunes 9 update, which apparently brings along with it “a whole new way of organising iPhone apps.” But what if it doesn’t come? Or what if the update is delayed? How are you going to organise your 7 pages of apps without dragging them sluggishly across the iPhone OS interface?

Those of you with Macs (10.5 and above) are in luck! Movement is a new app designed to make moving apps on your jailbroken device one hell of a lot easier.

It’s as easy and straightforward as it looks. Just connect your device, click “read apps” to get your current order, and then arrange them however you want and hit “write apps.” Then just wait, disconnect, reboot and admire your handiwork. You can also add and remove springboard pages from within the Movement app, by clicking the + and – signs – And it supports 5 dock icons, too!

This is what every owner of an iPod Touch or iPhone has been dreaming of since their launch 3 years ago – But the unjailbroken people like me will have to wait a little bit longer…¬†Anyone with a bit of free time on their hands should write a review for the whole community (including me) so we can see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be!

Enjoy! Pick up your free copy here:

If you are experiencing problems with the app, head over to the support forum at and the developer, Jeff Stieler, will get a better idea of what to fix in the next update!

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