Founder of Digg Kevin Rose: iOS 7 Will be ‘Very Different’

It’s almost pointless to continue bantering about, but new word from Google Ventures partner and Digg founder Kevin Rose says that iOS 7 will be much more than a flat design facelift.

I heard that the new- next iOS is very different. It’s very different. So, from someone that I know – the next version of iOS, I was told, is a BIG change. It’s not just like ‘hey, we’re doing a little updating, fixing some bugs and a couple of things’. Apparently, things have moved around apparently when you swipe in certain ways, there’s different things happening – a lot of stuff has changed.

To hear it for yourself, tune to the 1:00:40 mark in the above episode of Rose’s “The Random Show.” The man undoubtedly has some reliable sources, but we’ll have to just wait and see what comes on Monday.

[via iPD]

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