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1.0 Innovations | Universal Stand/Dock/Mount | $29.00[IMG]Stands and docks are all over the place nowadays. Most of them are thick, heavy, blocks that use their weight to keep them standing. Each seem to be specifically targeted towards a device or family of devices. If they aren’t, they have clunky adjustable arms that make them overly large. The Seta Stand, but 1.0 Innovations, is a stand that is made to be sleek, lightweight, and universal. 


The Seta Stand lives on the minimalistic design. Two nanosuction pads sit on either end of an angled bar of metal. A T-shaped hole is cut into the stand to allow charging cables to go through so the stand works well as a docking cable. The design of the Seta is very simplistic and this allows it to be used universally among all devices: iOS, Android, Windows, and even Palm. The Seta Stand is also available in 4 colors: white, black, pink, and silver.


Design: ★★★★


The Seta uses what they call nanosuction technology on their stand that allows a device to stick to the stand without use of adhesives. Both the base of the stand and the side of the stand have one of these nanosuction pads on them to allow them to stick to just about any smooth surface. This is the real selling point of the product and it works quite well on any smooth surface. Silicone cases, or most textured cases, however, fail to work with this.


The second main feature of the Seta Stand is the T-Channel which allows virtually any charging cable to be used with the stand. It’s very handy in that way. With that said, the stand will also suffice as a docking station so long as a charging cable is supplied.


This stand is really the basic, simplistic stand that works well. The will stand the device in both portrait and landscape, but also allow the device to be used while its stuck onto it. With most of the stands I’ve used, trying to use the device in the stand always seemed to be a pain in the butt, it’d tilt and move; the Seta won’t.


Features: ★★★★


A single slab of eighth-inch metal is bent to form the stand. There is a T-slit down the middle of the stand while the pads are held on by adhesive (I assume). The build of the Seta Stand is not only as simple as its design; it’s very strong. This simplistic design avoids moving points which makes it that much stronger.

Build: ★★★★


The Seta Stand will accumulate dust with use; it actually attracts it quite well. This material would actually make for a good duster if it didn’t just stick to surfaces. Since the surface doesn’t use adhesives, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth (or paper towel) or use tape to remove the dust. Afterwards, it’ll be good as new.


There are two small complaints I have about the Seta Stand. The first deals with the angle in which it holds the device. The angle is a much and does make it a little harder to use the device while it’s in the stand. This is a minor gripe though; the device can still be used. An adjustable angle would be better though.


The second minor gripe really is linked to the Nanosuction pads themselves. The pads can’t stick to anything that is a micro-textured surface. Silicone cases as well as others come to mind here. My SwitchEasy Nude case (with matte coating) is an example of a case that doesn’t work.

Reuse: ★★★★½


The Seta Stand reviewed is the smartphone version that is priced at 29 dollars flat. There are other models for small tablets (like the iPad Mini) regular tablets as well priced at 59 and 65 dollars respectively. The stand is actually quite a value for what it does. It’s universal, will work with all devices, today, yesterday, or even tomorrow; it’s all supported. The suction pads are really awesome to play with as well. The stand is well built and actually works quite well.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Such a simple design, a simple piece of art, a simple idea hits off so well and comes to work so well. This is what the Seta Stand is, it’s a stand that is as simple as it gets. It’s universal and will work with most devices and should work on most surfaces, so long as they are smooth. It’s a great piece of engineering that just works.

I’d like to thank Carry for the product sample.

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1.0 Innovations Seta Stand

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