T-Mobile Quietly Offers Unlimited Data and Texting for Just $30 Per Month


If you are looking for arguably the best smartphone plan in the United States, look no further than T-Mobile. While its network might not be up to snuff with its large competitors in AT&T and Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile has been inconspicuously offering a very affordable unlimited data and texting plan for just $30 per month with no contract.

The prepaid plan features 100 calling minutes, unlimited text messaging and unlimited data. The only catch is that after you eclipse 5 GB of data at full 4G speed, any additional usage will be throttled for the remainder of the month. One other hurdle is that it’s not an easy plan to find, as noted by CNET. Fortunately, instructions are laid out here.

While this plan certainly has a few caveats, such as the limited voice minutes, it is by far the lowest price for unlimited data among American carriers. It even trumps T-Mobile’s other prepaid data plans, which start at $50 per month for just 500 MB of data. Will you consider making the switch?


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