Snapchat Gets Design Overhaul, In-app Profiles, and Speed Enhancements in Significant 5.0 Update


Snapchat may have its X-rated uses and a bit of sexual connotation when mentioned, but I think the app is actually great at solving one of the biggest problems with texting: the inability to express emotion. I use the app daily for legitimate conversations, and I only seem to use it more and more as I have better and more understandable talks with friends.

One problem the app has had, though, is its design and functionality. It’s notorious for its crashes and sluggish, ugly interface. Today’s update to the app, dubbed “Banquo,” fixes a lot of the biggest complaints regarding Snapchat and even packs a new paint job. The interface is still a bit confusing to me, but the new design is quite nice. Check it out on the App Store and hit the break for the full changelog.

v5.0 “Banquo”

Swipe navigation
Double tap to reply
New ways to add friends
In-app profiles
Speed enhancements
Design improvements
Send snaps to friends from your address book

[Image via 9to5Mac]

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