iPhone Users Have Shown Quite the Pessimism Towards iOS 7


Apple will reveal the future of iOS and OS X at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference next Monday, and that news would normally be met with a lot of excitement and optimism.

The situation is quite the opposite this year, however, as iPhone users and industry watchers alike have been cautiously pessimistic about what iOS 7 will entail. 

In a recent interview, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple design chief Jonathan Ive has played a pivotal role in the forthcoming iPhone software update. It is widely believed that Ive has been focusing on giving iOS a flatter appearance, with less skeuomorphism and color schemes assigned to specific apps. The new WWDC app may foreshadow the new look best.

While a refreshed iOS appearance would certainly be welcomed, as the current look and feel has grown rather stale, a number of prominent figures within the mobile space have claimed that Apple needs to do more than just give its iPhone software a visual overhaul. iOS 7 needs new features, as competing smartphones become more capable than ever.

Zach Epstein for BGR shares this thought:

As great as the new face of Apple’s mobile platform sounds, I sincerely hope Apple is also putting significant time and effort into developing some impressive and useful new features that will debut in iOS 7, because if we stop to think about it, it has been quite some time since Apple’s mobile platform really got any smarter.

John Paul Titlow of ReadWrite makes an Android comparison:

It pains me to admit, but Android is evolving faster than iOS these days. For years, that seemed impossible. Early Android phones felt like rusty copycats of Apple’s impeccably slick mobile platform, with far fewer apps available to their users.

At this point, the future of iOS remains open for speculation. Apple may indeed be working on a whole new set of features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, perhaps indicative of why the company pulled engineers from OS X to focus on its mobile platform. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that iOS 7 is gaining more than just a new design. Only time will tell.

Sources: BGR, ReadWrite

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