New Activator Tweak Beta Brings Powerful New Gestures

Activator is one of the most essential iOS jailbreak tweaks; it allows you to assign various actions such as “Compose a Tweet,” or “Play the Next Track” to triggers such as “Double Tap the Lock Button.” If you want holding the volume up button to play the next track, activator can do that for you.

The tweak’s developer recently released Activator 1.7.5 Beta 6, adding a few Velox-like gestures for triggering system actions. With the lastest version, you can assign flick gestures to specific apps. For instance, you can assign “Flick Up” specifically to the Music app, and doing so can cause a variety of actions such as “Play Next Track.”

Watch the above video for more details, and let us know what you think of these new features!

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