What the WWDC 2013 App Could Foreshadow

wwdc app design changes

Apple today released their official WWDC 2013 application. This application features official schedules, maps, and other information relevant for the thousands of developers that will be attending the annual conference.

However, it also includes some surprisingly relevant information for the rest of us. Primarily, it’s design is different from almost every other application in some not-so-surprising ways: it is “flatter,” and it is very black-and-white. Both of these changes can be seen in the buttons of the above image, which was put together by Reddit user Freeazy.

Also of interest is the huge amounts of sessions that have not been pre-announced. As developer Marco Arment notes on Twitter:

This means that the sessions will cover topics that are not yet public information, and so are therefore going to be announced in the Keynote as more information on iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 are made available. These features will almost certainly be the under-the-hood changes, as opposed to design changes and app updates, as developers will have to take advantage of the new features.

While it seems incredibly likely that all of this does foreshadow some significant changes coming to your device or computer soon, it’s important to remember that these changes could mean very little. The design of the WWDC app that was pushed before last year’s conference ended up not meaning anything, as the overall design of iOS changed very little. Similarly, the to-be-announced developer sessions had little to do with major new features in iOS or OS X.

Of course, the rumors point towards iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 being far more massive updates than their immediate respective predecessors. Regardless, the countdown to WWDC is on.

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