Apple Actively Recruiting AMD Engineers in Orlando Facility


Apple has been rumored to be setting up a graphics production facility in Orlando, Florida for some time, but only today has the reasons behind this move been uncovered. According to MacRumors, Apple was able to find out that many of AMD’s graphics patents were being applied for by engineers in the Orlando area.

This would suggest that those engineers are talented, and Apple likes talented engineers. So, what is there to do but to set up a facility in Orlando and begin actively hiring engineers away from AMD? Apparently, that’s exactly what has been happening.

Apple’s chip production history dates back to the A4. The part was supposedly designed by both Apple and Samsung. However, more recent chips (such as the A6 and A6X) have supposedly been designed completely by Apple’s internal teams. Apple is obviously interested in continuing this trend, even as the competition from the likes of Samsung, Qualcomm, and even Intel increase.


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