Graviton Block: Forget Everything You Know About Regular Tetris

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Everyone has played the classic puzzle game Tetris, and there have been countless adaptions of the game over the years. Graviton Block isn’t just another Tetris-like variant, but rather a far more unique game with attractive and repelling mechanisms called gravitons. The app, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, also touts arcade style graphics and several gameplay modes. iFans takes a closer look at the game inside. 


Unlike classic Tetris, the pieces you drop — called “particles” — cannot be rotated or adjusted whatsoever. Once you let go of the particle, it will drop to the bottom as is. The objective is to form 3 x 3 blocks, or larger chain reactions, although not without a challenge. At first, players are highly likely to have plenty of open spots between blocks.

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One might think that is a bad thing, but special pieces called gravitons will pull all the particles together as you progress. There are two colors of gravitons: blue and red. Blue gravitons attract particles towards it, creating a horizontal bar across the playing field that reels in pieces as they pass through. Likewise, a red graviton repels any particles in its field.

Another obstacle to overcome is the timer, which is constantly ticking and forces you to drop particles under pressure. Each time the timer completes a cycle, it adds a particle to the four capsules at the top. If you are too slow, and all four capsules are filled with particles, a line of “contention matter” will be added to the bottom of your game board.

There are four kinds of particles:

  • Blue - Positive. Attracts vulnerable particles.
  • Crimson - Negative. Repels vulnerable particles.
  • Green - Zero Matter. Immune to positive and negative gravimetric areas.
  • White - Vulnerable particles. Will be affected by the positive and negative areas.

mode-omega mode-easy mode-alphaGraviton Block offers three game modes — Easy, Alpha and Omega — with the latter two available for one in-app purchase of 99 cents. The indie developers at Neotko Studios have been kind enough to provide iFans with a cheat code, however, allowing users to unlock all three game modes for free. On the main screen, tap the letters in order — ‘g-r-a-v-i-t-o-n-b-l-o-c-k’ — to unlock all the modes instantly.

The rise of mobile gaming on iOS devices has been, in my humble opinion, largely attributed to the simple pick-up-and-play style that most games deliver. Graviton Block fits this mantra to a tee, with simple drag and drop gestures built for the multitouch screen. Albeit a rather steep learning curve, the gameplay becomes increasingly addictive.


Graviton Block will instantly save your game plays so that you can return to them later, which is great for the casual gamer. With three game modes of increasing difficulty, this game promises hours of entertainment and an ounce of frustration.

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The game also has Game Center integration, in-game leaderboards and social sharing options, allowing you to size up against your friends and others to see who is the best at dropping odd-shaped particles. Overall, this is an app that you’ll find yourself gravitating towards — pun intended.


Graviton Block

Graviton Block is a free download on the App Store, which is always a no brainer. The game is ad-supported, however, as most other free titles.

If you wish to remove the ads, an in-app purchase of $1.99 is required. The latter two game modes — Alpha and Omega — also normally cost 99 cents together (if you don’t have the cheat code above).

Final Thoughts

Graviton Block is an addictive, must-have game that will have you hooked for hours on end. Unique gameplay coupled with futuristic graphics gives Graviton Block an edge over the classic Tetris game. Thanks to Neotko Studios for sponsoring the iFans forums, and look for Grativon Block on the App Store as a free download.

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