CEO of Nuance Confirms Siri Partnership

siri_iconMost have long been assuming that technology from Nuance is being used to power Apple’s Siri voice assistant. However, until today, neither Nuance themselves nor Apple have ever confirmed that the partnership even exists. Speaking today at D11, Nuance CEO Paul Ricci admitted that Nuance technology is in fact powering Siri.

There have long been hints of such a partnership, but it wasn’t confirmed that Nuance was providing Apple with anything at all until today, when the Nuance CEO said ”We’re a fundamental provider for Apple.”

Various reports from across the web suggest that Apple may be revving up the feature to be revamped as part of iOS 7. What features, if any, do you think Apple needs to being to Siri? Sound off in the comments!

[via MacRumors]

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