Dreamboard Extension FlowBoard Reinvents the User Interface on iPad


iPad users that have been patiently awaiting an iOS user interface redesign from Jonathan Ive can get a head start with FlowBoard, a new Dreamboard extension on Cydia for the jailbroken iPad and iPad mini. FlowBoard, a work of Falcon212, ditches the standard look and feel of the iPad home screen and replaces it with an absolutely gorgeous tile-based interface.

Forget everything you know about small icons in rows of four or five, as FlowBoard has large square and rectangular icons that are simple to navigate. Better yet, the tiles for Clock, Calendar and Weather serve as widgets, acting much like Live Tiles on Windows Phone. If you’re confused on how anything works, there is a built-in guide upon startup. 

Another feature of FlowBoard is an app drawer, accessible by swiping inwards from the far right of the screen. All of the apps on your iPad are categorized into folders, such as favorites and native apps, that can be renamed to suit your personal preference. Likewise, swiping inwards from the left side of the screen reveals settings, including an Edit Mode for organizing tiles and the app drawer.

FlowBoard still has some areas that could be improved, but the advanced theme is virtually lag free and provides a good overall experience. The only downside to this extension is its price — $2.99 on the Cydia Store. While the benefits of a new UI on the iPad might be quite awesome, are you willing to fork over two or three coffees for the package?

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