RetroArch Emulator for iOS Released


The famed RetroArch emulator, which emulates a large number of consoles from SNES to Genesis, was released for iOS today. As you can find on the developer’s website, the emulator has been ported to iOS, sits currently at version 0.9.9, and is now publicly available for download.

For those that don’t know, RetroArch (formerly known as SSNES) is a multi-system emulator made for a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. Its design and history is different than most other emulators; according to its site, RetroArch “does not implement an emulation core itself.” It talks to “libretro,” a generic emulator core API, which means that the emulator is “core agnostic.” Systems that currently work with RetroArch through libretro include SNES, NES, GBA, GB/GBC, Genesis, and even arcade games (Final Burn Alpha)

To install, use the following instructions:

How to install

1. Go to Cydia, go to ‘Sources’.
2. Click on ‘Edit’.
3. Click on ‘Add’.
4. Add as a source ‘‘.
5. After it is done with fetching the package listings, click on ‘Search’.
6. Type in ‘RetroArch’.
7. Install.
8. You will now find an icon of ‘RetroArch’ on your start screen.

If you have any questions regarding how to get the emulator to work, please refer to the emulator’s manual which can be downloaded from GitHub (click view raw).

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Source: Themaister

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