Jailbreaking Gets Some Awesome Commercials

Apple’s most recent iPhone ad campaign is pretty awesome in my opinion, but their latest iPad ads were lackluster in comparison. The music that Apple used in the latter set of ads was apparently just catchy enough for Alex Soto however, a YouTube user who decided to make some similar ads for jailbreaking. Unlike Apple’s own, these are pretty awesome–especially considering they’re a first for the jailbreak world.

The above ad as well as two others named “Detail“ and “Jailbreak“ are obviously based on Apple’s iPad ads, but they change the text to feature various tweaks and apps that are only available to those that jailbreak. Sadly, much like Apple’s own iPad offerings, these commercials do little to help the viewer get started with jailbreaking. At the end of each we see an Evasi0n logo, but those who aren’t familiar with jailbreaking wouldn’t make a connection to the evasi0n website.

Luckily, however, Alex has subtly included a few sites that could help viewers make their way there. In the above video, you can see that he loaded up the mobile version of iFans.com in Velox; we promise we had nothing to do with this. Thanks for the shout out, Alex! His other two commercials are embedded below.

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