iPhone 5S Rumored to Receive Display With Twice the Pixels

iPhone 5 two

What if that “S” stands for screen? According to a report from Chinese site WeiPhone.net, the next-generation iPhone is slated to receive a vastly improved display.

While most people aren’t exactly disappointed with the display on the iPhone, it has been surpassed in terms of pixel count and pixel density by 1080p displays which are found on popular devices like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. With this in mind, it would make sense to see Apple crank up the pixel count in order to raise the pixel density.

The article doesn’t give a specific resolution that could be used, but MacRumors points towards an increase of 1.5 times the iPhone 5′s resolution, bringing it up to 1704 x 960 while satisfying the “double the pixels” part of the original report. This would bring the pixel density up to a whopping 489 pixels-per-inch, which is  above the 441 pixels-per-inch of the Galaxy S 4.


Pixel density and resolution are not everything, though this type of change does make sense. The only major downside is that developers will have to update their existing applications to support the new resolution, as scaling won’t be an option with this non-doubling integer. That is quite a large obstacle to overcome, and would require developer support well in advance of a shipping iPhone, so if it happens expect to hear something at WWDC 2013.

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