NaturalMotion Finally Breaks Silence on Clumsy Ninja, Promises ‘It’s Coming’

Clumsy Ninja

Just moments after introducing the fifth-generation iPod touch last September, Apple executive Greg Joswiak passed the stage to NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil to provide the first live demo of Clumsy Ninja, a groundbreaking new game that uses the Euphoria Engine to power the first artificial intelligence character based on a real-time simulated body and central nervous system.

Reil concluded the brief presentation by announcing that Clumsy Ninja would be available for iOS users by the upcoming holiday season. The festive time of year came and went without a single word from NaturalMotion, however, and left frustrated users seeking answers within the iFans forums and Apple Support Communities. Even six months later, the game studio has neglected to provide any kind of update on the status of Clumsy Ninja. 

Until today, that is.

In a short and succinct tweet, NaturalMotion talent manager Emma McGonigle confirmed to iFans that Clumsy Ninja does indeed have a future in store. “It’s coming,” wrote McGonigle. Those two words are good enough for the thousands of users that have been patiently awaiting the release of Clumsy Ninja, fearing that perhaps the game had been given the axe.

While a narrower release date remains unknown, it’s still promising to hear that Clumsy Ninja will make its iOS debut after all. The technologies behind Clumsy Ninja have been in development for several years between NaturalMotion and Oxford University, so it was hard to imagine that the game would have been simply discontinued.

iFans has reached out to NaturalMotion for further comment, and we will update this post if we hear anything back. When do you think Clumsy Ninja will be released?

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