Sound Off: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Something Else Entirely?

New Xbox One Hardware

The entire internet has been ablaze with discussion of this week’s announcement of the Xbox One, and not all of it bodes well for Microsoft’s latest Xbox. While the various features announced seem to be well-received, gamers do not like the fact that Microsoft seems to have put the video services ahead of the actual gaming aspects of the One. While that situation may well be rectified at E3 — the largest gaming conference in the world, held in June this year — the situation has stained the unveil of the console itself.

The PlayStation 4 hasn’t been left out of this discussion, either. The PlayStation 4 was announced with what seemed to be features more aligned with the interests of certain gamers. The PlayStation 4 includes integration with online video uploading services, and seems to embrace the cloud aspect of gaming more than the Xbox One.

sony playstation 4

For the first time in at least two console generations, there is the major possibility of a third-party entering the market in a big way. Rumors state that Valve — the corporation behind Steam, the largest and most prolific online gaming network available for PC users — may introduce some kind of “Steam Box” specification that would create a cross between the traditional gaming PC and a console that sits under the TV.

The only legitimately dark spot on the horizon appears to be Nintendo. There have already been signs that the Wii U isn’t selling as well as Nintendo had hoped. While the 3DS continues to show signs of relative strength, the portable console market is shrinking as iOS and Android devices gain more support from game developers. Many believe that the smartest thing Nintendo could do at the moment is to begin producing their excellent first-party games for other platforms.

Regardless, what are you planning on actually purchasing at this time? Does Microsoft’s console still have your attention, or has the PlayStation 4′s advances gained your loyalty? Or, perhaps, are you a firm believer in the PC as the superior gaming platform?

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