Spring Sushi Uses iPad to Offer Dining Experience at Your Fingertips

iPad Spring Sushi

While I live in a rather populated Canadian metropolitan area, with an abundance of restaurants to choose from, I have simply exhausted all of the popular options after years of dining. Nowadays, I tend to focus on niche locations that offer a unique dining experience. Spring Sushi, with locations in the cities of Toronto and Hamilton, is one of those places.

Spring Sushi is a local all-you-can-eat buffet that serves a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes. If you aren’t familiar with these types of food items, including sushi, beef negimaki, pad Thai and fried rice, it can be quite overwhelming to know what to order. Spring Sushi solves that problem by equipping each table with an iPad that serves as both a digital menu and ordering mechanism. 

Instead of a traditional waiter or waitress, all of the food items that you want to order are placed using the iPad and Spring Sushi’s point of sale system. A few minutes later, one of the employees comes out with the dishes that you requested. I thought this experience was really awesome, considering that having an employee constantly hovering over your table can get annoying on occasion.

Spring Sushi plate

Image source: Miklos Bacso

I have always found it interesting to see the various practical applications of the iPad and iPhone, and it’s a lot more common now as iOS devices become increasingly mainstream. Asides from restaurants, you can now see the iPad being used for business, education, healthcare, construction, transportation, financial services, humanitarianism and more.

While the user interface on the Spring Sushi ordering app wasn’t the greatest, nor does it have a payment system, it still got the job done in an efficient manner. A list of ingredients is provided under each sushi item in the menu, which makes it simple for a novice like me to order food that I have absolutely no idea about. And it’s fun.

But I still suck at using chopsticks.

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