Apple Airs Another Awesome iPhone Ad

Last month, Apple rolled out an iPhone ad that presented one of its core functions–photography–and the fact that the device is the world’s most popular camera. Today’s ad takes note of one of the iPhone’s first selling points: the ability for it to play music. While  decidedly less about sharing and connecting with the world, shutting yourself off from everyday chaos is definitely an honest use case of the phone and is a feature worth touting. Maybe touting is the wrong word–these ads are pretty reserved.

How do you feel about these ads? I personally find them stunning. Especially when you compare them to Apple’s other recent offerings.

The new ads have a bit more class and are a great contrast in comparison to normally loud and attention-grabbing ads. These ads grab one’s attention too, but they do so in a subtle way. The viewer doesn’t even realize their attention has been grabbed because the ads are so quiet and to-the-point rather than flashy and obnoxious.

For whatever it’s worth, I would also like to point out that Apple threw in an iPod nano wristwatch at 0:30 in today’s ad. Let the theories as to why this is begin.


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