Microsoft Inaccurately Depicts ASUS VivoTab Smart as Having a Larger Screen than iPad


Microsoft has been launching some very in-your-face ads, and they continued to do so recently with a campaign intended to promote the ASUS VivoTab Smart as a great Windows RT iPad alternative. The problem, though, is that Microsoft has drastically exaggerated the tablet’s screen size and has even stated clearly false information as fact–saying that the ASUS tablet “has a bigger touchscreen.”


As you can see in the diagram above, the images Microsoft is using to market the tablet are out of scale. As Elliot Temple of details in a blog post, the iPad’s screen is actually larger despite having a smaller diagonal length. That’s right, the iPad’s screen is larger.

Microsoft has drawn a 10.1 inch tablet 36% larger than a 9.7 inch tablet (140×78 pixels vs 102×79). This is so far off you can visually see it’s wrong.

The iPad has a screen area of 45.16 square inches, which I double checked with a calculator. The ASUS VivoTab Smart has a screen area of 43.56 square inches. That’s right, the ASUS screen is smaller than the iPad’s.

The iPad screen is 7.76 by 5.82 inches. The ASUS screen is 8.8 by 4.95 inches. ASUS is larger in one direction but smaller in the other direction, and has 3.55% less area than the iPad, not 36% more as Microsoft depicts.

How do you feel about Microsoft’s recent dodgy and confrontational advertising techniques?

via MacRumors

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