Microsoft Proclaims iPhone “Dead”, has Funeral

I wish that was a metaphor, but sadly, it is not. To celebrate the release of the Windows Phone 7 RTM, Microsoft had a parade; complete with floats, bagpipes, balloons, and… hearses? Yes. That is a picture of an iPhone being loaded in a hearse. Not only are they going after Apple, but RIM and Google as well. Here’s a picture of a parader dressed in trash bags carrying a road sign depicting the Android mascot falling off of a cliff. You can view the entire flickr gallery at Trioculu’s photostream. Microsoft plans to announce the release date of their latest mobile OS on October 11th.

It seems Redmond’s arrogance knows no bounds. (I see far too many kilts and capes.)Windows Phone 7 must be one amazing platform.

[Neowin via Engadget]

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