The Xbox One Reveal in Under Two Minutes: TV, TV, TV, Sports, Call of Duty, TV

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the successor to the 8-year-old Xbox 360. The console’s reveal has been met with a wide variety of criticism and praise, but there’s one thing that can’t be denied. Xbox is aiming to make this box the purveyor of big-name content, and wants to expand deep beyond gaming. Microsoft–obviously–wants the Xbox One to be your living room set-top box.

Most gamers aren’t happy with these countless new “bloat” features. They just want to play games. If you’re one of these people, you’ll probably find the above video humorous, as it plainly¬†demonstrates¬†the countless pushes Microsoft is making to see that the Xbox is more than just a gaming machine. On top of that, it dramatizes the fact that a new Xbox can’t be announced without a new Call of Duty. The two are synonymous.

Hilarious. How do you feel about the Xbox being expanded to provide even more non-game content?

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