Microsoft Criticizes iPad in Latest Windows 8 Tablet Ad

It seems that one major tech corporation bashing another is becoming the norm in TV advertisements that Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia and other companies have released in recent months. In this latest Microsoft ad, the Redmond-based giant uses Siri as a voice-over to promote Windows 8 tablets over the industry-leading iPad.

Microsoft mocks the iPad for its lack of Live Tiles and PowerPoint support. Moreover, the ad promotes the $449 price tag of the 64 GB Asus VivoTab tablet versus $699 for the 64 GB model iPad. Microsoft finishes the 30-second spot with the tagline, “less talking, more doing,” a subtle jab at the Siri voice assistant. 

The advertisement puts a sarcastic spin on the original “Piano” ad for the iPad mini:

Samsung has also become notorious for poking fun at Apple, and the iPhone in particular, in at least five separate TV ads: onetwothreefour, five. Apple too has taken jabs at competitors in the past, most notably in its older “Mac vs. PC” series of ads, but has diverted away from that marketing style in recent years.

[The Verge]

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