Who Needs Competition? OtterBox has Acquired LifeProof


OtterBox, as most will know, is famous for their bulky protection cases for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other devices. Almost every accident-prone iPhone owner has an OtterBox, and the line of cases do their job well. Until today, their main competitor went by the name of LifeProof, adding water resistance to the list of benefits OtterBox cases offer. LifeProof announced today via press release that they have been acquired by OtterBox and that, over the next 30 days, the latter will begin incorporating the LifeProof brand into its family.

“The joining of OtterBox and LifeProof is a way to combine two great brands and provide customers with even more great products, services and choices for smartphone accessories,” OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas said. “Both companies are successful because we foster an environment where everyone takes pride in being part of a culture that knows how to identify opportunities and grow them quickly. Our goal in this acquisition is to create more value for our customers than we ever could have generated while operating individually.”

OtterBox cases are already expensive considering the materials they are made with, but this will only give the company more room to price as they see fit. LifeProof was an effective competitor to OtterBox and now all the latter has to do to retain pricing flexibility is change the name imprinted on LifeProof’s products. Which of the two is your favorite? Would you have rather LifeProof acquired OtterBox?

Source: LifeProof

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