How Will Apple Combat the Xbox One?

xbox one showcase

The Xbox One introduces and expands various aspects of the current Xbox 360, but perhaps most importantly are the upgrades given to the various features that support the Microsoft’s entertainment play. The most visible of these features include further support for streaming content, which makes the Xbox One a very attractive set-top box.

Of the largest players in the set-top box space is Apple, with the Apple TV. While still just a “hobby,” the device’s shipments have steadily grown as Apple has updated both the hardware and software to stay competitive in the set-top box landscape.

But how will Apple adapt its strategy to better take on the Xbox One? Obviously, Apple will have the advantage in price, but frankly Microsoft’s console offering has a lot going for it in terms of pure functionality. The device is a full game console, and has excellent integration with all of Microsoft’s services and content initiatives. Will Apple raise the price, include more powerful hardware, and finally open the device up to developers with an App Store? Or will Apple continue on its current path of keeping the hardware and software fairly limited?

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