John McCain Tells Tim Cook He’s Sick of Updating His Apps

Apple CEO Tim Cook took witness earlier this morning at a congressional hearing. He faced U.S. senators who questioned him as well as finance boss Peter Oppenheimer and Tax Operations head Phillip Bullock on the company’s foreign tax practices. Near the end of the hearing, John McCain had a bit of personal grilling to do with the Apple CEO. ”Why the hell do I have to keep updating my apps on my iPhone all the time and why you don’t fix that?” McCain asked. “Sir, we’re trying to make them better all the time,” Cook promptly replied.

It may seem like he was just kidding or cracking a “grandpa joke,” but I think we should actually consider this concern. Why do we have to always be updating our apps? Why isn’t there a function in place that streamlines this process and updates our apps automatically? Is there any kind of argument against this? I think this would be a great feature to add as part of iOS 7; it would definitely follow suit with Apple’s “it just works” philosophy. Do you think automatic app updates would be a welcome addition?

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