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Badger is an arguably game-changing tweak that brings some fairly simple functionality to iOS. Using a configurable activation method, you can bring up the Badger window which shows any app’s notifications. From there, you can swipe to delete notifications, open them, and even quick reply to texts and iMessages.

In short, Badger is a notification center replacement of sorts that allows you to view notifications directly from the SpringBoard. One could argue that this tweak is similar to Velox in functionality, but I have found Badger to be far less buggy and to have a much more streamlined feel. It may not have all the functionality of Velox, but who really needs to add notes from the SpringBoard anyway?

The full Cydia description as well as a video and more information can be found after the break.

Badger is a revolutionary new iOS tweak allowing users to view notifications directly from app/folder icons on their home screen. Using a configurable activation method (icon swipes/badge taps), users can invoke the Badger window, a configurable window which allows them to swipe to delete notifications, view them in-app, quickly reply to iMessages/SMSs (as well as mark them read), and more.

Badger is designed to make notifications on iOS “make sense”. It’s made to be fully themeable and customizable to make it work the way you want it to. Badger’s made to let you interact with notifications in a way that makes sense and that you can change.

Badger is fully compatible with Abstergo, and lets users tap and hold on a notification in the Badger window to activate Abstergo for the corresponding notification. Badger is also fully compatible with Velox. They are not competitors, as they are designed to perform different functions. If you need further proof of this, it can be given through conversations on Twitter with Velox’s developers, but I won’t discuss it more here.

Badger is fully compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 5 and higher, and is compatible with just about every tweak out there.

The tweak is available right now in the BigBoss repo for $0.99 and works with all devices running iOS 5 and 6. Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog has done a great video walkthrough which can be found below.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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