New Apple Store Opening in Australia this Saturday


In case you didn’t know, Australia has states. Suitably named is one in central south Australia named South Australia. This state has a capital city by the name of Adelaide, and said city is lucky enough to be getting a new Apple retail store this Saturday, May 25th.

Obviously, Apple stores are especially convenient for any owner of an iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or iPad. The ability to walk in to a retail store, have a Genius examine your issue, and–in most cases–hand you a replacement right on the spot is absolutely invaluable. This simple service allows you to bypass the annoyances of mailing devices in for warranty coverage and is simply one of my favorite things about owning Apple products.

People in and around Adelaide, South Australia, will now have a place to shop and the convenience of these repair and replacement services as of this Saturday at 10:00 AM.


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