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Aurisonics | In-Ear Monitors | $ 299.00
I rarely do product update reviews because they tend to be minor. Even with the previous update to the ASG-1, I only added an extension. Well, the third update to the 1 series is really a whole new product from Aurisonics. It offers a new shell that is more comfortable than its predecessor and updated sound. The new IEM is a welcome update to the old one that was already great. 


  • Driver: 15 mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 121 dB

In the Box

  • Aurisonics ASG-1
  • Silicone Tips (Single-Flange: S/M/L; Dual-Flange: M/L)
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • IEM Cleaning Tool


The entire design scheme behind the ASG-1 hasn’t really changed. It’s still the same textured material, the faceplate is still a very similar, if not the same shape. The interior face, the one that faces the ear, has shrunken a bit to aid comfort. The design is really basic and unique. The IEM looks like a plain, uncustomized custom when inserted.


Design: ★★★★


The audio actually saw many improvements with the new revision, even over the second and first revisions. While I thought the second revision was a step backward, the third is definitely a huge step forward. The signature is still very smooth and non-fatiguing while vocals have become a little more natural and treble has come up as well. The signature as a whole is a nice warm, sweet signature.

The bass is helped out by a large dynamic driver. It’s got a bit of strength to it while maintaining strong control. The impacts are quite strong overall partially due to the low-to-sub-bass focus of the IEMs. Despite this, the punches still are strong. The bass as a whole is a little slower and smoother though. The lower, sub-bass finds itself with a good solid, thick feel to it while being able to produce more subtle textures. The bass of the ASG-1 proves to be some of the best I’ve heard on an IEM.

Going further up the spectrum, we find the midrange both smooth and very sweet with a bit of sharpness to it. Despite the decent detailing of the ASG-1, the smoothness takes a little away from this section. Moving on up, midrange clarity remains stronger overall, but the main focus is the vocals. These IEMs were designed for vocalists. That said, the vocal dynamic is large. Everything from the deep, lushness in the voice is reproduced as well as the upper-midrange energy that seems to give female vocals a toned sharpness.

The high end of the 1 series has always been laid back. Aurisonics helped out the lower treble by giving them a bit more focus and prominence. Despite this, detailing and extension still take a fall back. Upper treble rolls off quickly as well, it has a nice soft sizzle to it and shows great separation. Detailing, however, remains a problem for the ASG-1. Overall, the treble still remains laid back, minor improvements here and there do help out quite a bit.

Audio: ★★★★½


These IEMs were designed as musicians’ monitors, which explains the slightly odd-bass sound signature. Due to this fact, the ASG-1 is, and always has been, built to the highest standard. They do come coupled with a new case though since many people had trouble opening the old OtterBox that it came with. The new case is just as strong, and if memory serves correctly, smaller too.


The housings of the new ASG-1 are smaller in size, but built with the same materials as the original and first revision of the 1s. They use a very strong material to case their drivers in which is rugged and strong. I really don’t see these housings getting destroyed too easily.


The cable on the ASG-1 is removeable, so if anything does go wrong, it is replaceable. The cable included is a standard cable that comes with many custom monitors. The cable is reliable, tangle resistant and very flexible. It has strength in numbers as well. All in all, it’s very pretty; bringing form and function together.


The headphone jack on this cable is a little large. For some larger cases on your device, you will not be able to use the headphone jack. It’s angled at 90 degrees and very large in size. There is an amply sized strain relief coming out of it. The gold plating seals the deal to create a perfectly strong headphone jack.


Build: ★★★★


One major complaint about the previous generation ASG-1 was that the “nub” on the top was too large and caused discomfort quite easily. With this revision, Aurisonics decided to remove this nub. The IEMs are otherwise very similar to the original. They are ergonomically shaped to the ear and fit securely. 5 sets of silicone tips are included to ensure you get the proper seal.


Comfort: ★★★★


The ASG-1 were always a good value for the audio they provided. Yes, 300 bucks is a little high, but the quality is within range of other products in its price range. The smooth, sweet signature is one that many will enjoy, the non-fatiguing sound just adds to that. The build and comfort are top notch, really why wouldn’t they, they’re built just like customs.


Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

I’ve seen the ASG-1 go through many revisions. I have to say, the last one was definitely a nice step in the right direction for Aurisonics. They fixed up quite a few issues I had with the original and second revision. The addition of improved comfort and great sound quality is definitely a reason to grab these.

Overall Score


Aurisonics ASG-1 (Revision 3)

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