iCloud Photo Stream Gaining Steam, Accounts for More Upload Traffic Than Dropbox


Photo Stream is a pretty big feature apart of Apple’s iCloud. Assuming you have the service turned on, every single photo you take with an iOS device paired with your Apple account is sent to the cloud. This, of course, makes sharing and moving photos between your devices a breeze. But how big is this service, exactly? The latest Sandvine report tells us that  ”Apple Photostream” accounts for 1.34% of all North American upload traffic.

Also, as you can see in the above graphic, the service accounts for more upstream traffic than Dropbox by a slim margin. This is astounding considering the popularity of Dropbox, but even more so when you compare the two services’ functionality. Dropbox supports all kinds of files–everything from word documents to photos to videos. Photo Stream only supports photos and still manages to snag more traffic.

That said, Photo Stream is deeply integrated in to iOS and iCloud and is used by most iOS users whether they have an obvious need for it or not. The simple convenience of having a backup made automatically is worth tapping “Yes” when prompted to use the service. Dropbox and other services such as Google+ constantly push for instant photo uploads, but I consistently tell them no. After all, I use Photo Stream for backup purposes in most cases anyway.

What’s your take on this? Maybe Photo Stream will one day surpass Facebook.

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