Galaxy S 4 Sales Approach 10 Million

Samsung Galaxy S4 S 4 Flat

The Galaxy S 4 may not have been quite as well received as HTC’s venerable One for various issues, but that hasn’t stopped sales. The device, which is now available in almost all regions of the world, is quickly approaching 10 million sales.

Pushed by a tidal wave of both good press, carrier backing, and a massive marketing push, the device’s sales are understandably great. It’s definitely safe to predict that this will quickly become the best-selling Android device to date, with estimates predicting that the phone may actually hit 100 million sales during its lifetime. No shock there: Samsung is absolutely killing it in the smartphone market. It’s unclear how well the S 4′s chief Android competitor, the HTC One, is doing in terms of sales. While the device has been well-received by reviewers and consumers alike, HTC doesn’t have the marketing budget of the Korean juggernaut, and it often shows.

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