Which iOS App Needs the Biggest iOS 7 Overhaul?


There is a profusion of built-in iOS apps, but I think there are some that need an overhaul more than others. The next iteration of iOS is expected to ship with a general redesign system-wide, but let’s take a look deeper in to each app’s core functionality. A fresh and “flat” look will be great, but I think some of Apple’s apps are simply not as useful as they could be.

RemindersA good example of this is Reminders.app. Even when it was initially released it felt half-done, and it has yet to see any significant improvements. The app’s interface feels clunky, and there are countless apps in the App Store that provide reminder functionally better than Apple’s own offering.

For example, creating a reminder for a new time requires too many taps–it’s simply frustrating. The Mac OS X desktop version of Reminders allows you to type your reminder in plain English while the app interprets your entry as it should. You can type “do homework @ 8 PM” and it will set a reminder for the time you typed. The iOS version of the app doesn’t have this bit of functionality and feels crippled in comparison. Moreover, Apple doesn’t give developers access to Siri which means that Reminders.app is the only reminders-like app that is compatible.

Other apps that I think need to rethought include Game Center–which gives users little to no reason to actually open the app itself–and apps like Compass, Weather, and Stocks, which could all be given much deeper functionality to contend with similar third-party offerings.

Which apps do you think need a little help? What is it about these that makes you want to simply remove them from your home screen? I’ve shared my thoughts, and now it’s your turn. Sound off in the comments!

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