VLC Coming to the App Store, Hopefully

An iOS port of the popular media player VLC has been submitted to the App Store for review, and will soon (cross your fingers!) end all your codec woes. At the moment, it will only work on the iPad, but an iPhone/iPod Touch version is in the works. It is backed by VideoLAN, and you can try to get a pre-release by following them on Twitter. Since VLC is open source, the App Store version will be completely free.


VLC for iPad is coming! On Sunday, @videolan and @applidium will each send a pre-release version to 5 followers! Please RT

After several month of porting, we are proud to announce the release of VLC for the iPad! This application stands out for two reasons. First, it will be available for free on the AppStore. But that’s not all. VLC is an OpenSource project. We are currently preparing our patches for submission to the main VLC tree. And obviously, we will release our current working tree when the app will hit the AppStore.

If everything goes well, VLC for the iPad should be available next week.


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