Google Hangouts Will Gain SMS in Future

Google Hangouts IconGoogle consolidated its messaging services yesterday with the release of its new cross-platform Hangouts app, although one major feature is lacking: SMS support.

Fortunately, it appears that el Goog isn’t sitting back on the situation, as Google Community Manager Dori Storbeck confirmed yesterday that SMS integration is coming soon.

Storbeck shared the news on Google+ a matter of hours ago, although has since retracted the┬ástatement and claimed that, “we actually have nothing to announce at this time.”

Google Hangouts SMS

Adding support for SMS messages is important, as one current limitation of the Hangouts app is its dependancy on the Google+ social network, which hasn’t exactly taken off in popularity compared to the likes of Facebook or Twitter. Thus, the number of friends that most users can communicate with right now is somewhat lacking. An exact timeframe remains unknown.

[Google+ via Cult of Android]

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