New iPods Available Today!

Rumor has it that the new lineup of iPods will be available at your local Apple store today, so wake up early and get ready to stand in line! There’s no word on the availability of the new iDevices at 3rd party retailers like BestBuy, so it would be wise to call before you make the trip. For those of you still stuck with the models from yesteryear, you can still look forward to the release of iOS 4.1, which is due out today as well. iPods that were ordered online will probably be trickling in soon too, depending on when you ordered it.

via Apple Discussions

I have called two Apple Retail stores here in the Maryland area this afternoon. Both of them confirmed that they will start selling the new iPod’s tomorrow at store opening (10 AM Eastern). Both stores urged me to arrive early (Which I will). Just wanted to pass the info along. THE WAIT IS NEARLY OVER. YAY. Oh yeah, this is my first post too! Sweet.

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