Google Reinvents How Notifications are Handled


Google Cloud Messaging is a service announced last year that pushes data between your apps and its servers. The Google middleman that manages this transfer allows your app to use the smallest amount of data and battery possible all while providing reliability and speed. Google today announced a few new features apart of this service including one “synchronized notifications” which, as you might expect, synchronizes your notifications between devices.

If you own both an iPhone and an iPad, you may find frustration in the fact that this is something Apple has not yet decided to implement. I have many of the same apps installed on both devices and, upon clearing a notification on one, I must manually clear the same notification again when I decide to use my iPad. This new feature from Google completely eradicates this problem. The new Google Could Messaging and other features are rolling out “progressively” for developers and sign ups started today. One can only hope that Apple follows suit in regards to this with iOS 7.

As for other features apart of the new GCM, the service ”now supports connections between a persistent connection from servers to many devices as quickly as possible.” Lastly, Google “is also launching upstream messaging to send data in the other direction — from the app to servers.”

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