Review: Ferrari by Logic3 R300

Logic3 | Over-Ear Headphones | $ 349.00
Red, black, silver, and sporty. All of these are classical Ferrari coloring schemes. This scheme finds its way into the new Ferrari by Logic3 headphone. Matching the price of their other flagship, the T350, the R300 holds a slightly different signature, but offers the same exact package as the flagship brother, but in a more portable package. 


  • Driver: 40 mm Dynamic
  • Specifications: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB

In the Box

  • Ferrari by Logic3 R300
  • Cables (3-button mic’d, 1-button mic’d, audio only)
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 AAA batteries


The R300 run away from the more luxurious feeling of the T350’s design and go towards something that screams speed and sport. The red and black color scheme with the aluminum arms are reminiscent of the Ferrari super cars themselves. Heck, even the shape of the housing reminds me of the shape of the car. Either way, the design is attractive and holds that very beautiful, classic Ferrari symbol right in the center.


Design: ★★★★


The Ferrari R300 headphones, like the T350, are active noise canceling headphones. They only work when the internal circuitry is turned on. The sound signature is heavily mid-centric believe it or not. Strong detailing and clarity are present, but sibilance ensues. The bass is a little boomy; leaving the listener wanting more depth while the treble is detailed, but a little edgy and smeared.

The bass of the R300 headphones focuses mainly on the upper bass rather than the lower bass. The main problem that this causes is that the bass doesn’t hold its body, nor does it have large presence down low. Depth is a little limited. Although the bass has nice texturing, it can get a little deeper. The lower bass is not the strongest focus on the R300, but offers an ample amount of impact. The mid bass has a nice tight punch to it which is definitely walking in the right direction.

The midrange is very strong on these headphones. The detailing has a strong focus on these headphones. Detail retrieval is just as strong, but also feels extremely forced. Clarity is strong and offers good focus on the upper midrange instrumentals. Vocals are overdone up top though. They can become quite sibilant and unbearing at times. The lower vocal lushness is lacking which doesn’t help the situation.

The upper treble is toned back a bit to keep the headphones non-fatiguing. However, the edginess of the soft treble still becomes a small problem. That in combination of the smearing every now and then can be problematic. On the bright side, detailing is, like the midrange, very strong; very strong, but very forced. The lower treble holds ample presence, but has a nice bit of extension that goes just high enough without becoming strident.

Audio: ★★★★


The build quality of the R300 are actually pretty great overall, but not perfect. For starters, there is a very beautiful case included with the Ferrari headphones. It’s the same as the one included with the T350 but for two things: it’s thinner and has the classical Ferrari badge. The case has the same beautiful carbon fiber texturing on it that comes with the T350’s case.


The housings are a different story. The plastic used around the housings really doesn’t feel as firm or strong. The plastic itself could be thicker, or even a different, stronger material could have been used. The rest of the housings are great though, the arms coming out of each of them are constructed out of a beautifully textured metal.


Continuing on up the arms, the headband seems very strong overall. Despite being plastic, the headband has a good thickness to it. The result is something that feels a little more rigid overall. The plastic is glossed beautifully in black and holds the Scuderia name.


Logic3 offers three different cables for you to use, each with the same build quality. The cable has medium thickness, a good balance between thick not-portable and thin portable cabling. They have a beautiful fiber shell with a layer of rubber underneath. The cable itself is very strong and rarely tangles.

Build: ★★★★½


The R300 are much smaller than the T350, this allows them to be more portable, but also a little more snug at the same time. The ear cups are large enough for my ears, but may not for people with larger ears. The cups are very soft and have great depth. In reality, I see the R300 as a great headset if you’re running on the go. They are light and very portable.


Comfort: ★★★★½


The Ferrari by Logic3 R300s come in at a hefty 350 bucks. Looks get the R300s by due to their sporty fashion stylings that just give you that Ferrari vibe. They are build pretty well, except for the plastic housings, while the comfort is really top notch for a portable over-ear. Unfortunately, that’s all it really has going for it. The audio doesn’t really seem up-to-snuff in contrast to many others in the price range. Additionally, the headphones will not run in any passive mode. So when the batteries go out, so does your music.


Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

Overall, I found the R300 to be extremely beautiful aesthetically. The design captures everything Ferrari is about, fast, sporty, and fun. They are very comfortable while their build is great. The audio quality, albeit good, isn’t quite up to the same quality as some other offerings in this price range.

I’d like to thank Ferrari by Logic3 for the product sample.

Overall Score


Ferrari by Logic3 R300

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