Operation Android at iFans

android logo white outlineWhile the foundation of iFans is rooted in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, with a particularly strong emphasis on jailbreaking discussions, our forum community has certainly changed over the years. A number of our longtime members, in addition to new users, are showing increasing interest in the Android platform.

With the emergence of impactful Android devices, such as the Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 and HTC One, the competition surrounding the iPhone is stronger than ever. And the goal of Operation Android at iFans is to embrace that competition, by increasing our overall dedication towards Android within the blog and discussion forums.

Operation Android will be kickstarted in just hours from now, as we provide a live stream of the Google I/O keynote beginning at 9:00 AM Pacific. Moreover, we will be dedicating our resources towards the emergence of Cydia Substrate for Android and the exciting opportunities that exist within that scene. See our expanded Android forum category.

On a related note, the HTC One, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S4 are all now available as device options under personal details for your profile. When enabled, the device you select shows up underneath your username and post count. If you have a specific Android device that you would like included in the list, please be sure to recommend it in the comments section.

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