Rumor: iPhone 5S to Feature All-New Home Button With Fingerprint Sensor

iPhone 5 Home Button

The home button found on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models released in the past six years might be in store for a significant redesign, as a new rumor originating from unproven Taiwanese blog TechNews claims that the so-called “iPhone 5S” will feature an all-new home button with sapphire crystal glass.

Sapphire crystal is an extremely tough material, second only to diamond in hardness, and will allegedly help protect the fingerprint scanner that will be embedded into the capacitive home button. You read that correctly: a capacitive home button, not a physical one that is prone to damage. 

Apple already uses sapphire crystal glass for the rear-facing camera on the iPhone 5, so this rumor would make sense from a production standpoint. The report goes on to briefly note that Apple will stick with a 4-inch display on the next iPhone, but could resort to a larger screen for the “iPhone 6″ or later models.

Due to the rather sketchy nature of this rumor, and the fact that TechNews does not have a proven track record at reporting rumors, it’s important to take this story lightly until — and if — this rumor is corroborated by credible sources. Nevertheless, would a new home button be a welcomed change?

Sources: TechNews via Cult of Mac, Hamachi (Flickr)

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