Do You Use an Internet Messaging System?


News broke today that BlackBerry will be releasing their venerable BBM messaging platform for both iOS and Android, creating a truly multi-platform product out of a service that once existed on only BlackBerry devices. This announcement has triggered various reactions, but it seems that the most prevalent argument is that most people are already using an internet messaging system.

Some see this announcement as a desperate ploy for BlackBerry to gain back some users to its services, while others see it is a way to prevent current BBM users from defecting to other devices. Regardless of which it is, the question remains: are internet messaging clients and protocols really as popular as BlackBerry would have you believe?

Whether it’s the popular WhatsApp client, something more old-school like AIM or Google Talk, or even built-in services like iMessage, do you routinely use a messaging client to communicate with friends, family, or coworkers?

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