Apps of the Week 8 – Top Cydia Tweaks

Appman has changed gear this week, and decided to round up some of the best tweaks available for jailbroken devices. Apple may have created a “Walled Garden”, but that doesn’t mean the App Store is perfect. Many packages available from Cydia trump anything available through the vanilla App Store, and let you truly make your device your own.

Check them out after the break.

SBSettings: Free

Have you ever wanted to have quick access to the most important features on your device? With SBSettings you have a quick and easy way to toggle almost anything, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, OpenSSH, you can even view running processes and terminate them if you so desire, and much more. It also gives you quick buttons to respring, reboot, and boot into safe mode. To activate, simply swipe your finger across the status bar and a menu slides down showing these toggles. There are also some neat features built into SBSettings, like hiding your apps, turning on/off different mobile substrate extensions, or even showing the date and/or free memory right on the status bar. SBSettings is a definite must-get.

FaceBreak: $1.49

When Apple came out with FaceTime it worked only via Wi-Fi, with this tweak you are able to make FaceTime calls via 3G as well. So now you make FaceTime calls in more places instead of just your house or a random Wi-Fi hotspot.

Infiniboard: $1.99

Have you ever wanted to scroll your apps up and down on your springboard instead of just going from left to right? Well now you can with Infiniboard. This tweak is perfect for some themes that weren’t really possible without being able to scroll up and down (*cough* Zune HD *cough*). If you are a person with a lot of apps, Infiniboard allows extra icons and folders per page, so there is less pages to scroll through.

Locktopus: $2.00

If you ever wanted to lock an app with a pass code quickly, Locktopus does the job. All you need to do is set a pass code, hold down the icon until they wiggle and hit the lock icon, and BOOM, the app is locked with your pass code with no respring required. This is the most simple and safe method out there to lock any of your apps.

YourTube: $2.00

One of the most popular tweaks is YourTube. YourTube downloads YouTube videos to your device right through the YouTube app, no app like MxTube is required. You also have the ability to import the videos right into your iPod library in the newest update. It also supports retina and iOS 4. Get it now and you won’t regret it

QuickShottr: Free

Want to upload a screenshot to show to your friends quickly, and you are stuck on an iDevice? Install QuickShottr and all you need to do is take a screenshot and it is automatically uploaded to imageshack and the link is copied to your device’s clipboard, so all you need to do is hit “Paste” and there is the link to your screenshot, no app required.

Also check out:

  • Infinidock
  • Infinifolders
  • Winterboard (of course)
  • Mutiflow

*Of course there are much more than these  *

*Sorry for the late article, the first week of school kept me busy  *

-Reviews by Appman

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