Mysterious New Icon is Gone: Facebook 6.1.1 Released


Facebook 6.0 on the left, Facebook 6.1 on the right, Facebook 6.1.1 on the left.

Today, Facebook unleashed version 6.1 of its iOS application. The update is packed with a few handy new features such as an improved Photo Viewer which adds options to “Save Photo,” “Share Photo,” or “Make Profile Picture.” Other improvements include faster loading events pages, information editing when checking in to locations, and some have even reported that the update brings the new Timeline to their iOS device.

What’s interesting here, too, is that Facebook updated the app’s icon with version 6.1. As you can see above, Facebook’s previous icon was relatively new in itself. Facebook 6.0, which came out  just under a month ago, gave the app’s icon a more minimalistic appearance compared to its previous version–removing the light blue shading at the bottom.


Facebook’s icon previous to version 6.0

Today, however, Facebook unleashed version 6.1 of its iOS app and–purposefully or not–changed the icon again (seen above on the right). This time, the icon adopted a much more cluttered appearance with a textured blue print-like background and white border. TheNextWeb called this a “beta-like icon,” but part of me thinks it may have been accidentally included.

Why? Because tonight, Facebook managed to skip the Apple app approval queue and updated the app once again to version 6.1.1 and the only change I found was that the icon was reverted to the icon released as part of Facebook 6.0 (the one on the left above).

I know this is a lot of bantering about a relatively unimportant topic, but I’m curious what you think the reason for this icon slip/beta/change may be. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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