New Tweak Googiri Lets You Use Google’s Voice-to-Text Results with Siri

Google Now

Google finally introduced Google Now for iOS a couple of week ago, and I’m personally still waiting on a native tweak adoption of the feature. In the meantime, however, a developer by the name of MattCMultimedia has released a tweak called Googiri. As its cheesily clever name suggests, the tweak attempts to integrate the two services with one simple activator action.

The tweak makes no modification to Siri itself, rather uses Google’s awesome speech-to-text results with Siri. Essentially, the tweak adds features to the Google Now app, allowing it to give Siri the reigns if you ask it to.

The developer recommends you use NowNow–which we mentioned earlier–to assign the Google Now voice feature an Activator action. After performing this trigger, you are presented with the Google Now prompt and can use it as usual. However, if you throw in a keyword such as “siri” or “hey siri” before your query, your voice command will be routed to Siri.

For example, if you want to check the weather using Google, just use the “What’s the weather?” voice command as usual. The Google app will pull up Google’s results. If you want Siri’s weather results, however, just say “Siri, what’s the weather?”.

Alternatively, the tweak gives you the option of setting Siri as the default. If you use this setting, anything you say will automatically be opened with Siri. To use the default Google results, you must use a “google” keyword at the beginning of your query.

With Googiri, you can take advantage of Google Now cards and the super accurate Google voice dictation, but also control your device with Siri when need be. The tweak is available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia for free.

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