Transform Your iPhone into a 12x Microscope

Using just a $7.50 microscope from Amazon, you can turn your iPhone into a super-powered magnifying glass, capable of taking pictures of all your findings. The lens can be held infront of the camera, or be modded to attach directly to the case (as seen in the video).

Despite the fact that the microscope being used is listed as 45x, using it with the iPhone causes it to actually be around 3x (and up to 12x using digital zoom). I’m not sure why this is, but the reviews on Amazon lead me to believe that the microscope in question is only really capable of 10x magnification, not 45. Regardless, it will still allow you to see every disgusting flake of dandruff you may have on your person, and would no doubt provide for a fun afternoon of finding random things to take pictures of.

[Crabfu ArtWorks]

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