Will the Next iPhone Feature a Higher-Resolution Display?

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has an excellent Retina Display. Even today, compared to the likes of the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 (which each have a larger, 1080p display with a significantly higher pixel density than the iPhone 5), the iPhone 5 holds its head high. This is partially due to the excellent color reproduction and saturation levels of the iPhone, as well as the decent pixel density.

So while the latest Android devices feature incredibly high-resolution displays, will Apple be forced to increase the resolution on their screens to compete? Most agree that the 1080p displays are great, but offer little to no major advantage over displays like the iPhone 5′s. While HTC and Samsung both have excellent panels on their flagship devices, they aren’t so excellent as to be considered vastly superior to what Apple – and others, like Nokia – ship.

It’s a matter of marketing, ultimately. Do you think that Apple will be forced to include a higher-resolution display on their next smartphone in order to compete properly, or is it just not a major factor that consumers care about?

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