Opinion: Don’t Expect an iTunes Windows 8 App Any Time Soon


In an interview with CNN Money, Tami Reller of Windows said that Microsoft has been trying to get Apple to build a native iTunes application for Windows 8. ”The welcome mat has been laid out,” she said, but the Cupertino corporation is apparently reluctant; she says you shouldn’t expect it to come “any time soon.”

Let me make this clear: Windows 8 is my operating system of choice. Actually, Windows 7 is, but I upgraded to Windows 8 as soon as I could and I haven’t looked back. Why not? Because, besides the home button, Windows 8 didn’t really take any functionality away (for the home button I use Start8).

But why does Windows 8 need its own iTunes app? Yes, it’s fairly obvious that Microsoft is ever-so-slowly trying to make its products more user friendly, but why should Apple cater to their every whim? Windows 8 can run desktop iTunes fine, and why would a Surface user need a dedicated app? That would be platform fragmentation–not something Apple wants.

That said, sources for The Verge have in fact revealed that iTunes is one of the most searched terms in the Windows Store. One could debate the sources of these searches of course; I’m sure many are coming from confused Windows 8 users who don’t understand the concept of a parallel desktop and Start screen.

But there is one way that I can see an iTunes app for Windows 8 making sense. It would be practical if the app was identical in appearance and functionality as compared to the current Windows 7 version. If that were the case, it would be a win-win-win, right? Windows RT users would have access to iTunes and confused desktop Windows 8 users could grab iTunes much more easily. That, and there wouldn’t be any missing functionality.

Microsoft isn’t letting their foot off the gas. Reller says that Windows 8 will likely support most mainstream apps in time for the 2013 holiday season. ”That’s not just our goal, but it’ll be realistic to achieve that,” she said. “We’re almost there.”

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