Apple TV – What Do You Think?

Here at Multi-Touch Fans, we love our members. And we value their opinions. So, when Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs stepped on stage on Wednesday and introduced ‘One More Thing Hobby,’ we were legitimately excited.

Sadly, it didn’t quite live up to the sky-high expectations set for it, but they did manage to introduce a very powerful little device, for a very attractive price.

Now, let’s hear some opinions. Does the rental-only concept turn you off? Or is it too little, too late in the face of GoogleTV? Or have you already found your solution in a Mac Mini with Frontrow, Xbox 360, PS3, or otherwise? Or maybe it is just right, not having to battle the draconian cable company for dominance of your TV, but instead trying to usurp the DVD player? Perhaps it is quietly brilliant?

Personally, I’m inclined to believe the latter – that a direct assault on the iron grip of the aforementioned cable company would be near impossible, and that quietly working the Apple TV into people’s lives with a cheap price and Netflix and AirPlay will be a large success. Then, after plenty of people are familiar with the setup and navigation, launch an App Store and SDK for developers to utilize (much like what happened with the original iPhone and iPod touch). After all, you can’t tell me they threw an Apple A4 chip in there just because they had too many lying around.

Either way, sound off in the comments!

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