Velox Addons Now Available: Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and More

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

Velox is one of those tweaks that just brings a ton of new functionality to iOS. Whether you like it or hate it, developers have already stepped up to the plate to bring addons for the tweak. Of those currently available on Cydia are Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and others. Keep reading for the full roundup.

  • Torch for Velox works with 8 of the most popular Torch apps from the App Store. A simple swipe down on any of these app icons will activate the LED flash to make these “flashlight” apps even more useless. Courtesy of rvirajm.
  • Addial for Velox is a simple addon that adds some quick functionaliy to the home screen. Included functions are “Add Contact,” “Dial,” and “Call Contact.” The tweak is actually activated by swiping down on Courtesy of rvirajm.
  • Compass for Velox is pretty self explanatory. Many have either forgotten that the iOS Compass exists or have it hidden using Springtomize, but this little addon makes it a little easier to use. Courtesy of apocolipse.
  • App Store for Velox may seem pointless, but it might make searching the App Store jsut a little bit easier. In fact, that’s all this addon does. Courtesy of Julian Weiss.
  • Stopwatch for Velox is for the stock Clock app. Upon swiping down, you will be presented with a stopwatch akin to the one within the app. The standard “Start,” “Stop,” and “Clear” buttons are displayed on screen next to a timer. Courtesy of Max Katzmann.
  • Google Search for Velox is yet another self explanatory Velox addon. If you have the Google Search app installed, you can access a quick search feature directly from the home screen. Notably, this is very similar to functionality already available via Spotlight. Courtesy of Julian Weiss.

All of the above tweaks are absolutely free and are available right now in the Cydia.

As for AlienBlue for Velox, which we told you about Tuesday, the developer has posted on Twitter that he plans to release the first version of the tweak after he takes a “well deserved nap.”

Considering the power of Velox and the rate at which tweak developers are already adopting it, I can see it becoming popular along the lines of Intelliscreen. That assumes, of course, that most of its bugs are worked out soon. I personally wish I could use it, but there are just one or two too many graphical glitches that are just bad enough to be annoying.

Velox is available on Cydia for $2.00. If you’re already a user, though, be sure to stay tuned for more Velox addon round ups.

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