Federico Viticci’s Epic iOS 7 Wishlist

Federico Viticci’s Epic iOS 7 Wishlist

iOS 7 mockup

Federico Viticci, the creator of macstories.net, today posted what he hopes to see in iOS 7, which is going to be shown off at WWDC 2013. His list is epic: it includes a plethora of features, and most are the type that would truly enable iOS to compete — and win — against the competition (read: Android) in today’s world. It’s a must-read, and be sure to share your own iOS 7 expectations in the comments!

For the past year, I have been increasingly using my iPad as my primary device for leisure and work. I still use my Mac, but the iPad is where I do most of my reading, research, and writing. When I can’t use my iPad, I rely on the iPhone (and the same setup of apps) to discover links, save items for later, and process my email inbox.

I know what I would like to see in iOS 7 because I have been using iOS devices every day.

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