Make Ringtones with iTunes 10, the Somewhat-Easy Way

If you miss the ringtone creation feature that was removed in the latest version of iTunes, and don’t want to open a clunky application like GarageBand just to trim a file, you can try out this Applescript to automate the process. It can batch trim and convert files into the correct ringtone format, and import them into iTunes.

There’s been some ballyhoo about the removal of the ringtone editor from iTunes 10 and some folks are recommending GarageBand or other applications and/or websites to do the conversion.

Stop.  That’s not what you do.

What you do is make iTunes do it anyway.  It has all the tools and you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Of course, the instructions for how to do it are a little silly.  Here’s the order of steps:

  1. Find the track and set its start and end times to the clip you want.
  2. Set your encoder to AAC.
  3. Advanced -> Convert
  4. Reveal the converted track in the Finder.
  5. Rename the track from m4a to m4r.
  6. Remove it from iTunes without deleting it.
  1. Re-add the m4r file.

And after all of that, iTunes will see a ringtone.

To set the start and stop time, right click on the song in iTunes, hit “Get Info”, select the “Options” tab, and enter in the desired times. When finished, the song should be in your iTunes ringtone playlist.

Hit the source for the full tutorial and Applescript file.

[Mac Geekery]

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